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African Hotplate offers fantastic franchising opportunities in South Africa and surrounding African countries.

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What Makes Us Different

  • Unique and exclusive African taste guaranteed to satisfy taste buds with original authentic African recipes.
  • Great value, generous portions and superior quality that appeals to all clientèle in the tough economic climate.
  • Unique African theme for each site and branded uniforms for staff members.
  • The franchisor has more than 20 years of vast experience with multiple famous local & international brands at senior operational level.
  • We have an experienced team of regional managers that oversee the running of stores and give constructive feedback to our franchisees.
  • Direct supply from approved suppliers on a weekly basis with negotiated head office pricing structure which benefits the franchisee.
  • Secure point of sale with web reporting for any franchisee to access store info when required. Database managed by head office.

Reasons To Choose Us

  • A site feasibility study is available on request at NO cost to the franchisee.
  • The franchisor will assist in securing top sites and negotiating the best possible rentals with landlords.
  • Project management is available for any shop set up.
  • New stores are set up and completed within 21 working days after landlord beneficial occupation in Gauteng and within 30 days for outlying regions after full payment is received.
  • Operations support is offered for the first 5 days of a new shop opening & on an ongoing basis as required.
  • We do monthly store inspections and provide on-the-ground support.
  • Bookkeeping services are available on a monthly basis at a minimum extra cost. (Optional)
  • Halaal store concept available.
  • Franchisee input & suggestions are welcome on new menu items or in-store specials, subject to approval from head office.

How We Go The Extra Mile

  • We assist in analysing and counting both the pedestrian and auto-mobile traffic in front of our new upcoming best locations and set them as an ideal standard for your new operation.
  • While engaging landlords prior to store openings, we ensure we define easy access, egress and visibility of our locations. Points such as store access, egress, visibility, parking, support, signage, services & proximity to anchor tenants or a food court are carefully considered.
  • We determine the African theme for each specific site depending on the area to appeal to the relevant desired market.
  • 2 full weeks of training are provided by the franchisor before any new site opens and all staff and management are certified competent before a store can open.
  • Lastly, we assess how economic indicators may impact your site and set menu prices that are affordable and appealing to all clientèle. This allows us to determine our projections and average price point per head as a guideline for our franchisee’s operations.

Site Selection

LOCATION is the most critical point to the success of any restaurant business!

Depending on the size of the available site, there is an option of a fully-fledged fine dining restaurant or a normal QSR (Quick Service Restaurant), more commonly referred to as a take-away.

Requirements for shop sizes are between 60 m² (minimum) and 100 m² (maximum), depending on the concept.

Our site selection criteria is based on the following:
  • Viable anchor tenants surrounding proposed site.
  • Customer profile and make-up of your most successful operations surrounding the available site.
  • Analysis of competitors in the current market to create a demographic profile of the site’s best possible clientèle.
  • Assessment of whether or not there is a cluster effect of competition stores surrounding the proposed site. A cluster effect can help build demand and brand awareness in some instances but may represent a genuine risk of investment in others.
  • Determining customer access to these locations, centres or standalone sites. Bus? Car? Train or Walk-Ins?

Some franchisors may feel that the effort in finding the right site for a particular unit is unnecessary, that the franchise system is strong enough to withstand even a so-so location. But in our extensive experience, this is not the case and can be a risky oversight that we cannot afford.

Set Up Costs

  • Shop set up costs range from R450k to R600k excl. VAT.
  • R50k due and payable as deposit / commitment / joining fee.
  • Full balance required before shop is set up.
  • Minimum opening stock order of R45k over and above set up costs.
  • Fixed royalty amount of R3500 per month for the first two years of franchise agreement.
  • Each store to be responsible for its own marketing in the first two years.
    Marketing guidelines will be provided on a monthly basis.
  • Franchisees to arrange own accommodation for outlying stores.

Hotplate Grillhouse Franchising Option

Hotplate Grillhouse Menu - 01

Hotplate Grillhouse Menu - 02

Kasi Trailer Franchising Option

Our franchising concept intends to cater for everyone and as such, we also have an empowerment option for local entrepreneurs who wish to become part of the fast food industry.

This is offered in the form of our unique African Hot Plate custom made double excel trailers that are fully equipped for operation and come with an electrical supply option.

These are available at a cost ranging between R250k and R300k and are subject to signing a franchise agreement with us which ensures that we continuously guide you in managing your trailer, advise you on viable placements and train you on an ongoing basis so you can manage your business successfully and run it profitably.

This service will be rendered by African Hot Plate and full training will be provided prior to opening business. We offer intensive training for all employees, management and owners on an ongoing basis.

These unique tailor made trailers are suitable for all operators and full training and ongoing monitoring of each site's progress will be performed by Head Office. For this option, a fixed Royalty fee of R1500 is applicable on a monthly basis.

This concept is aimed at empowering local communities by giving them the opportunity to uplift themselves and their dependants whilst and making South Africa a better place for all.

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African Hotplate Trailer Concept - Branded Side View
African Hotplate Trailer Concept - Front View
African Hotplate Trailer Concept - Serving Side View
African Hotplate Trailer Concept - Back View

Last But Not Least

Ultimately, we understand that franchisees are not coming to a new franchise organisation solely on a “gut feeling”. This is why we work tirelessly to ensure that all our new franchisees have a return on their investment in due course.

We spend quality time analysing franchisee performance and give ongoing operational support to ensure that a successful relationship is cemented from the word “GO”.

Welcome aboard and let’s be part of our African grass-roots story together!

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