Who We Are

Hotplate Grillhouse Zimbabwe is a new concept in the restaurant market that aims to satisfy all clientele with a unique flame-grilled African cuisine offering that appeals to all.

Our unique menu caters for lovers of traditional flame-grilled meats by remaining loyal to our Zimbabwean & African heritage and has been designed to fulfil this demand in a formalised environment.

We aim to provide employment and franchising opportunities in Zimbabwe by giving entrepreneurs the necessary guidelines and mentorship as owner-operators of their stores, thus facilitating the opportunity to become successful businesspeople.

This exciting new brand will empower local communities and provide support through numerous Corporate Social Investment initiatives.
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Benson Muneri - Hotplate Grillhouse Director

Our Vision

Director Benson Muneri who is proudly Zimbabwean & his team of experienced supporting senior operations managers are truly committed to his vision of taking the Zimbabwean Heritage to the rest of the world.

He is confident that the Hotplate Grillhouse Brand will make its mark in all countries, starting within the diversity of Zimbabwe by offering a unique flame-grilled and African cuisine experience to all.
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