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Great Meals

Matemba & Sadza / Isitshwala
Beef Stew, Sadza / Isitshwala & Relish
Sadza & Hifiridzi (Beef mixed with vegetables)
Gango Meal
Mazondo / Amanqgina Meal
Madora / Amacimbi Meal
Maguru / Ulusu Meal
Fish & Chips/Sadza/Rice
Wors Meal & Chips/Sadza/Rice
Warrior Meal

¼ Chicken, Sadza, Cabbage & Gravy

Road Runner Meal

available on selected days only

Oxtail Meal with Rice or Sadza

available on selected days only

Hunger Buster Meal

300g Ribs, Pork Chop, Wors, Sadza & Relish

Family Hunger Buster Meal

2 Wors, ½ Chicken, 2 Steaks, Sadza & Relish

Black Diamond Meal

2 Full Chickens, 2 Steaks, 2 Wors, 4 Rolls, 3 Sides & 2 Litre Drink


¼ Chicken
¼ Chicken & Chips
½ Chicken
½ Chicken & Chips
Full Chicken
Chicken Shawarma/Pita
Chicken Wrap


Beef Burger 100g
Beef Burger & Small Chips
Chilli Beef & Cheese Burger
Cheese Burger
2 Great Burgers
Beef Burger, Small Chips & 330ml Drink
Beef Cheese Burger, Chips & 330ml Drink

Hot Grills

Steak & Small Chips
1 Piece Pork Chop, Relish & 330ml Drink
Hotplate Box
¼ Chicken, Wors, Sadza & Relish
T-Bone Steak & Chips/Sadza
Super Box
Steak, Wors, Chips/Sadza
300g Ribs & Chips
subject to availability
Meat Platter
2 Wors, Steak & Green Salad
Meat Lovers Box
¼ Chicken, Wors, 125g Steak, Sadza & Relish
600g Ribs & Chips
subject to availability
Buddies Combo
2 Steaks, Wors, ¼ Chicken & Small Chips
Grillhouse Meal
Full Chicken, Sadza, Gravy, Medium Chips & 2 Sides


Beef Stew, Sadza / Isitshwala & Relish
Gango Meal
Chicken Stew


Russian 80g Only
Butchers Wors Only 150g
Russian & Small Chips
Russian, Small Chips & 330ml Drink
Wors, Chips & 330ml Drink


Served 8am to IIam
Early Bird Bun
Portuguese Roll & Scrambled Egg
Day Starter Breakfast
Russian, 2 Eggs, 90ml Tub Baked Beans, Portuguese Roll & Small Chips


Potato Salad
Green Salad


Regular Chips
Medium Chips
Jumbo Chips


White Sadza / Isitshwala
Sorghum Sadza / Isitshwala
Rice Dovi
Garlic Roll
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